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Perhaps it's something you've always wanted to try? Maybe you're looking to learn a new skill with a partner, whilst having fun and making new friends - the chance to start a new hobby has never been better. Well, County Dance has the answer - our new beginner's class is the perfect way to spend the evening.

Two Left Feet?

We specialise in teaching absolute beginners (even those with two left feet!) We will initially teach you the basics in the Slow Waltz and Cha Cha Cha, followed by Social Foxtrot and Jive.

6 week course

This is a 6 week course commencing in January 2024. There will be classes 5 days a week which will follow the same format. We are happy for you to switch between classes - for example, if you do shift work - or you could always double up on classes if you want some extra practice!


19:30-20:25 Solos ONLY
Starting 3rd January 2024


20:30-21:25 Couples
Starting 3rd January 2024


19:30-20:25 Couples
Starting 4th January 2024


20:30-21:25 Couples
Starting 5th January 2024


16:30-17:25 Couples
Starting 7th January 2024


19:30-20:25 Couples
Starting 9th January 2024

Course Details

  • Ballroom & Latin American Dancing

  • Lessons are 55 minutes in length

  • Solos ONLY - Every Wednesday at 7.30pm

  • All classes are held at our studios in County Dance

  • Address: St. Giles Hall, 59-61 Southampton St. Reading RG1 2QP

  • Car parking available (permit required) click here for more information

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PAYG (on the door)

In Cash: £10.00 per person per class

By Card: £10.50 per person per class


Bank Transfer: £10.00 per person per class

6 Week Course (10% discount) £54 per person

If you wish to pay in advance for the class please send the money via bank transfer with your name as reference. Alternatively you can pay in cash on the door. You will be issued with a card which you will need to bring to each lesson and present on the door.

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What should I wear?

Casual clothes are fine. We advise not wearing trainers as they are a little too sticky on the floor - and leather soles may be too slippery! Composition soles are probably best, something with a smooth sole. Ladies may benefit from a small heel. But really don’t won’t too much, whatever you feel comfortable in is best.

Is there a Car Park?

Yes there is a car park behind the commercial garage directly opposite the school. You will need to buy a permit from County Dance and display it in your car. Please click here for more details

Can I come without a partner?

Yes, the Wednesday class at 7:30pm is for solos